This site will strive to explain the trials and tribulations in converting my 2.8L V6 from TPI to a 4 bbl carb. Parts cost just over $1,600.00, plus 4 months of free time to get it done.

The reason for the changes. In the past year, I have had car in for repair 5 times. Leaking fuel lines, leaking injector seals, etc. The shop I was having make these repairs turn out to be a bust. They kept saying they could not fix this and that, parts weren't available, etc. So I decided to take things into my own hands and fix the problems for good.

I purchase the car in 1987 brand new. Have loved driving it ever since. So when multiple problems arose, I had to do something. I wanted to keep my car. My solution, go back to my shade tree days and convert to technology I can work on in my drive way, plus I needed a project.

I decide to go with a carburetor. You could go with EFI if you wanted, and most probably will. There are great units out there that include the computer from Edelbroc, Holley and FiTech to name a few.

If you go with a carburetor like I did, make sure you don't buy some big spread bore double pumper drag racin' carb, man. This is a small motor, 400CFM is plenty.

I will not attempt to describe every step, as different cars have different equipment. I am basically describing in general those things that worked and those that did not. Before starting, you should have some decent mechanical and electrical skills, as well as a good repair manual for your car. I have both Chilton's & Haynes for my car, I use Chilton's the most. Also, since everyone has a cell phone, take pictures before you dismantle items.

The following pages of this site will go thru what I had to do to accomplish this change. To get started, click on the 'The Build' icon above.